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Back up and restore data in Outlook 2002

A friend of mine as trying to migrate his Outlook 2002 emails and contacts over to his new laptop and had called me in to help. Unfortunately it has been years since I have worked with Microsoft products so I was not able to help him in time for his business trip, however today I managed to track down the way to do it on the Microsoft web site. So here it is below so no one else has to go searching for it. I also published it to

And while I am at it here is the link for backing up outlook express.

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How to back up, to restore, or to move Outlook 2002 data in Outlook 2002

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Windblows and IE

You really should not check out the links on this page if you are using XP and IE ´cause it will hose system and then some.  If you do not want to read the article below and you just want to go ahead and hose your WinXP box then click this link. You have been warned it will completely hose you system.  If you use Firefox and Linux have a gander and be proud because you will be safe.  Lobby4Linux – weBLog

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Yep, Hollywood is going to tell you what to watch and how.

Techdirt:US Congress, Ready And Willing To Serve… Hollywood
I do not know what to say but you had better start writing your congressmen because you are going to get hosed good and hard. And that is not all check this out: More telecom reform to make them happy Yep they are going to put the screws to us consumers good and hard. Good thing you voted for them all isn it. We are fucked and soon to be slaves to the corporations. Have you read the Constitution lately, better have another gander if you know what is good for you.
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