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A New Way To Install Linux

Posted: January 29, 2006 in Linux General

Here is a new and easy way to install a Linux distribution.  The choices are limited but definitly a easy way to install.  This is the article about it at PCLinuxOnline and the site itself is Instalinux.
If you ever wanted to try out a distribution this may be the way to do it.


Linux Partitioning

Posted: January 29, 2006 in Linux General

Here is a guick and dirty guide for partitioning in Linux.  Some really good ideas on how to partition for a given linux setup, such as a mail server.  Any ways, it is a good read.

All about Linux: Effective Partitioning – The How and Why of it

Welcome to Amyville I discovered this site the other day and for some reason I just can not stop watching. Great snippets of a persons bizarre inner life in a video blog with some great music mixes. I just can not stop watching it, wait the last video just stopped hold on, got to get another one. Ahhh, all better, just go and watch and understand. And while you are there don’t forget to checkout The Super Secret Dance Society.

Some to check out are possessed and bubbles of light. Just go. Now!

P.S. They are from my neck of the woods. Massachusetts.

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It is almost insane what these to body´s want to do to technology. Just take a look at the broadcast flag draft legislation. It is bad enough that these fools control so much of what you are to see and here now that want to take control of what you invent and how you use your own hardware. Stop the Bastards now! Also check out the article here at Public Knowledge and another article at the EFF.
Big Content would like to outlaw things no one has even thought of yet

Push the Red Button.

Posted: January 22, 2006 in Miscellaneous

Go ahead and push the red button. You know you want too. You will be sorry if you do.

red button

And when you go to that page that is just not there you get the old fashoined 404 Page not Found.


Posted: January 22, 2006 in Internet, Tech News

Verizon and Bell South think they deserve to recieve payment for the internet both coming and going.  F***ing Greed.  Read more below.

Networking Pipeline | Blog

Linux Advertising

Posted: January 22, 2006 in Linux General, Tech News

» Blog Archive » Hello World…This is Linux.

“Lobby4Linux, in cooperation with and featuring PclinuxOS; announce the first commercial advertising effort for the Linux Operating System.”
Definitely a good thing and about time.