Windows’ Trojan and Virus Hell.

Well I have to say windows can really be a disaster or more importantly those that use the operating system. I spent about four hours last night and about the same this morning trying to remove and clean viruses and trojans out of a friends of mine Dell Dimension computer with Windows XP

They have a Dsl modem and a teenage daughter who likes download all kinds of stuff as well as instant message her friends. They called me up because they could no longer log in. The computer would get to the login screen but, as soon as you tried to log in to a account the computer would act like it was and then say saving system settings and put you right back to the login screen. They had tried to remove the AOL aim program and that is when the fun started.

After trying to get into windows safe mode with command prompt I finally gave up and removed the hard drive home to dissect it and find out what was up. Wow! That is all I will say. Trojans and viruses galore.

I ended up just cleaning out the user files, burning them to Cd´s since they do not have a DVD player (which is a good enough reason to go out and buy DVD Burner) and reformatting the disk. Well now I am off to re-install the hard drive, reinstall windows and install fresh anti-virus software and a fire wall.
I am bringing over a Knoppix disk for them to use in case of another emergency. Got to love linux.

I am going to do my best to hide Internet Explorer from them and install the newest Firefox with some cool extensions such as NoScript and Ad-Block.

Until later when I am out from under Windows world and can breath again.

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