Ashes and Snow

Thanks to Treehugger a website dedicated to the green life and Inhabitat which is a site dedicated to “future foward design for the world you inhabit” I was drawn to ashes and snow. There are some truely amazing photographs to be seen. Or if you get to see the traveling museum called of all things Nomadic Museum. The museum is built with 152 shipping containers.

You really should visit the Portifolio link and check out the photographs.  Some of them are so amazing they take my breath away.  The peace, harmony, and innocence you see in them.  Truly unreal.

2 thoughts on “Ashes and Snow

  1. mixedpearl

    You are so right. A relationship takes time to build into a good one, and often it is not a sucess.

    Oh my MSN name, I often hear lines in songs I listen too that “speaks to me”, this was one of those. To me it means sort of that I know what I am worth, and no other woman got what I got.

    I’m happy that someone likes reading my blog =)

    Did you have a nice weekend?


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