Super Secret Surveillence

super secret surveillance

Damn right they have done it again. The Super Secret Dance Society has done it again with two more videos of dance. So get there and learn your moves damn it. By the what the hell is up with the guy in the thong.

1 thought on “Super Secret Surveillence

  1. mixedpearl

    Depending on the medicine.. mine helps me begin do everything. They push me forward and in the end I feel so bad in my mind if I don’t do what I’m suppose. And it’s kind of hard not doing what I’m suppose with these pills. But I get better gradual.

    I have tried another kind of antidep before these that didn’t do no good. A friend of mine in the states told me a chocking story about her antidep, appearently she was on over 200mg and many different kinds of pills and still they did not help her.

    I do so recomend what I’m using now. My doctor told me that there is no one that has used these and Not gotten better. They do miracle.

    Hope you enjoyed your dinner. Do you mind if I ask you, what is the name of the antidepressive you used?

    Like the new look of your blog.


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