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Welcome to Ubuntu 6.06, Dapper Drake

Ubuntu's  Dapper Drake is the new and upcoming release of there distribution and a worthy install.  It comes with the new Firefox and Thunderbird and Open Office.  If you are using an   then be prepared to use Google and the Ubuntu Forums.  The install is an exercise in hair pulling for sure.  You can not use apt-get or synaptic to install them for it will fail.  If install the commercial video drivers is not something you are going to do, then, I would definitely pick up or download a copy of this distibution and install it.  Have fun.


Amyville has two more new videos that are definitely worth the time to watch.  Especially Al Gore got Rewired, it is funny on so many levels.  So while you are out perusing the net, hey, why not take a gander and get yourself a good belly roll going.