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Extra anus kills four-legged chicken

?And you are asking what the fuck are you talking about? Well I am talking about this article from The Registar. Ok a four legged chicken you can problably deal with that, but, why the hell would it have an extra anus. And if it did why the hell would it kill it. Seems to me getting all that crap out of you could only be a good thing . What the hell do I know?

Ah, A Good, Hard Storm.

Sorry all I have not been around due to random power outages and/or internet. We had an impresive storm here in New England, USA. Boats breaking free and lodging themselves tight and hard upon the beachs and breakwaters. Walking the dog through the woods you could here the gusts of wind come with low growls rapidly building to loud howls as the gusts came by you. Impressive. I love this stuff. If you have read the Perfect Storm you will know what I mean. I have seen many a storm like this and it never fails to amaze me. I have been out on a fishing boat. I have seen weather like the Perfect Storm. I have heard the distress calls on the radio as fishermen´s boats are going down. Of fishermen being smashed to pieces by waves crashing over the gunnel’s and throwing men up against the bulwarks and paralyzing them. Maybe I am nuts but I find these storms amazing and wonderous.

Any way that is why I have not been able to blog. I have tons of email and rss feads to read so I had better get to it.

More good news on the Open Source Software Front

Firefox 2 has now been released into the wild for our general consumption. This is the official version, no more release canidates. If your Fedora Core downloads are taking to long, put them on pause and download Firefox 2. Unpack it and browse with confidence while your Fedora Core 6 completes. Good day for all.

Update:  I am not at all impressed.  I have been having a horrible time with this release on Fedora Core 5 and 6 64 bit version running the 32 bit version of Firefox 2.  Not a happy consumer.  Although I have not taken the time to remove all the extensions and themes I have running but still I would have expected more from our friends at Mozilla. Bah hummbug.


You Are 84% Open Minded

You are so open minded that your brain may have fallen out!
Well, not really. But you may be confused on where you stand.
You don’t have a judgemental bone in your body, and you’re very accepting.
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How Open Minded Are You?

My main distribution Fedora has released Core 6

Yes Fedora Core has released Core 6 for general consumption. I have tried their release candidates coming up to this release with mixed results. Hopefully they have managed to get most of the bugs out of it because I am about the take the plunge head first. Get your copies while you can. I will have my torrent running full speed.
I have to say the final product looks really good so far. I will let you know more in the coming days.

FedoraMain – STATIC

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Update: 10000 fedora downloads in 5 hours.

Flash Player 9 beta for Linux is here.

It is about time someone got there act together and released this for linux. I am stuck with flash player 7 in only a 32 bit browser no 64 bit support. I still cannot see any support mentioned for a 64 bit Linux operating system but it is a start. So go get it what are you still doing here.

Adobe Labs – Flash Player 9 Update

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Whaling to begin again in Iceland, you know, because they kill fish.

Apparently the whales are eating all the fish so Iceland is going to allow their fishermen to start whaling again. Even though there is no market for the meat. I was a commercial fishermen during my college years and have witnessed the slaughter that happens to the fish stocks.  The whales have nothing to do with the declining fish stocks.  Exploitation and greed is the name of the game. Forget about the science and go after the nearest scape goat like blaming seals for declining cod fish stocks. It is not our fault. It has nothing to do with overfishing. It really is amazing how people will not stand up and say it is our problem and we need to deal with it in a scientific manner with a meaningful plan to control and manage the fishing industry world wide. Blaming whales and seals for our troubles is not the answer.

No more Excuses

Well I have eliminated my excuse for not blogging. I can read again. New Glasses. So nice to be able to read with out getting a splitting headache or having to use my sunglasses (perscription) inside to read. Does not work that well. I will have to find another excuse for not blogging enough. I finally can open my IKEA catalog that I have been longing to read. Lots of cool stuff.

Faster Pussy Cat

I missed this film last night on Turner Classic Movies.  One of my favorite cult films of all time.  Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill.  How can you go wrong with that title.  Here is a preview I found on You tube.

¨For you own safety see Faster Pussy Cat Kill Kill.¨

¨They make the mafia look like The Brownies.¨

How can you not like it.

A fine movie by Russ Meyer.

Why I have not been blogging.

Thanks to Boing Boing for this site.  The f blog.  All the reasons/excuses I have not been blogging. Such quotes as:
“I just don’t enjoy it as much as I convince myself I do”
¨I’ve been in a state of flux.”
And then there is mine: ¨I broke my glasses and can no longer read¨
It is true.  I did break my glasses.

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All right all those dreams of bondage are Justified

Our great president has signed a bill that says it is ok to torture people and all those freedoms we are guaranteed by the constitution mean absolutely squat. Hooray for us. What the F**K. I need a stiff drink. You f**k*** religious zealot. I have but one vote that is obviously completely useless. Shoot me now. Please?

SFGate: World Views : Edward M. Gomez