A completely free Browser.

I do not if you all have read about the rift between Mozilla´s Firefox and Debian about Debian patching Firefox for it´s own use and Mozilla going after them for not submitting the patches to Mozilla. Because of this Mozilla went after Debian for trademark infringement for using the Firefox name and icon. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Any way Debian has come out with their own version that is free of all Mozilla´s trademarks. Good for them and tough to Mozilla. They should just get over it, I think.

Debian plans to release its newest version, Etch, in December, and wants Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser to be part of the distribution. Mozilla, however, told Debian it couldn’t release the software without its accompanying artwork. Now a legal expert says that the existing distinctions between copyright and trademark laws should have prevented this from becoming an issue in the first place.


Iceweasel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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