Want to learn about Linux and how to use it?

I have been asked many times why I run Linux and how to go about installing and using it. Well the why will have to wait, but, for the how, I can give you some good resources to get you going. There is Linux from Scratch which is a really in depth resource for using Linux. Then there is Linux Basics which is very good site that is beginner friendly. They are even offering a free Linux course an Introduction to Linux basics that will be starting October 19.

There is also The Linux Tutorial which has lots of tutorials of course and a large knowledge base of information. Linux Questions is a large forum of users and experts that are always there to help regardless of what distribution that you chose. Another site for help and tutorials is Linux Survival. This site is java based so you need a java capable browser such as Firefox.
If you need help deciding which distribution to use the best resource is Distrowatch. Oh, and let us not forget Google, it is a great resource for linux. Go get your self a distribution and give it a whirl. When you get your distribution have a look at this site for all the software that you will want when you are beginning your odyssey into Linux.

You will not regret the power, convenience, and ease of use in the distributions of today. You will also not have to deal with the evil DRM (digital rights management) that is so invasive in the newest offerings from Microsoft and Apple, but that is another story.

Have fun.

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