So did North Korea really detonate the bomb

I have been reading about the whole North Korean bomb detonation and there seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest that they may have tried to detonate a nuclear device but they were unsuccessful.

According to Highly Allochonous there was not enough seismic activity to justify a bomb of enough yield. There was definitely an explosion and a large one at that but it might not be one of nuclear origin. CNN has two articles here and here that seem to conclude the same. The second CNN article seems to say that it may just all be for show which is a strong possibility.

Nature has break down of the event and also what it all could mean. Link. They contemplate what the North Koreans could do with this device. Here is the USGS report on the seismic readings so you can decide for yourself on the yield of the device.

The New Times is reporting that an air sample was taken by the US Air Force from neutral air space and there seems to be evidence of radio active substances that would be consistent with an nuclear device being exploded. However, in the same article they say that it was a ¨sub-kiloton¨ explosion which is far smaller than a novice bomb maker would make. So there seems to be strong evidence that something went wrong with the test.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Update: US Confirms the worst.

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