Whaling to begin again in Iceland, you know, because they kill fish.

Apparently the whales are eating all the fish so Iceland is going to allow their fishermen to start whaling again. Even though there is no market for the meat. I was a commercial fishermen during my college years and have witnessed the slaughter that happens to the fish stocks.  The whales have nothing to do with the declining fish stocks.  Exploitation and greed is the name of the game. Forget about the science and go after the nearest scape goat like blaming seals for declining cod fish stocks. It is not our fault. It has nothing to do with overfishing. It really is amazing how people will not stand up and say it is our problem and we need to deal with it in a scientific manner with a meaningful plan to control and manage the fishing industry world wide. Blaming whales and seals for our troubles is not the answer.

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