Extra anus kills four-legged chicken

?And you are asking what the fuck are you talking about? Well I am talking about this article from The Registar. Ok a four legged chicken you can problably deal with that, but, why the hell would it have an extra anus. And if it did why the hell would it kill it. Seems to me getting all that crap out of you could only be a good thing . What the hell do I know?

5 thoughts on “Extra anus kills four-legged chicken

  1. Tingting Rimart

    what is an anus??sorry, but i have to ask….i am thinking of a bad thing..correct me if i wrong. btw, i tried to view the link of “the registrar” but it gives the same page as this. thanks for including my site in your blogroll.:-)

  2. solelyshe

    This post made me laguh! Omg, so he Later developed two of those? That is feaky. Ok if he was born with it, but to grow one later is too scary :O. Or what the heck do they mean?

  3. mrdeadworry Post author

    Hey I am glad I made you smile yey for me. That was the point of the post that and the fact that this is news and all the other tragedies that we see around seem to go by the way side. But hey I made you laugh. A good thing. You have made me happy just by your laugh. Never underestimate your laughter.


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