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Why Leaves change color.

Walking around the woods this time of year you get to see all kinds of wonderful colors from all the foliage changing color. As you walk around I sure you have wondered why the leaves change color from yellows to oranges to bright reds. Well have a gander at this article on Live Science that explains it all. – Fall Foliage: Why Leaves Change Color

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Old time Analog computing.

Thanks to I found this well animated video:

I wish I could print out a piece of pizza and get a cup of coffee from my computer. Of course they do have edible inks so you can print out what you want to eat on paper. Or you can check out Moto Restaurant if you are in the Chicago area.

Not the same as printing out a piece of pizza though is it?

Update: It appears to be an advertisement for The First Post but still worth a look.

So did North Korea really detonate the bomb

I have been reading about the whole North Korean bomb detonation and there seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest that they may have tried to detonate a nuclear device but they were unsuccessful.

According to Highly Allochonous there was not enough seismic activity to justify a bomb of enough yield. There was definitely an explosion and a large one at that but it might not be one of nuclear origin. CNN has two articles here and here that seem to conclude the same. The second CNN article seems to say that it may just all be for show which is a strong possibility.

Nature has break down of the event and also what it all could mean. Link. They contemplate what the North Koreans could do with this device. Here is the USGS report on the seismic readings so you can decide for yourself on the yield of the device.

The New Times is reporting that an air sample was taken by the US Air Force from neutral air space and there seems to be evidence of radio active substances that would be consistent with an nuclear device being exploded. However, in the same article they say that it was a ¨sub-kiloton¨ explosion which is far smaller than a novice bomb maker would make. So there seems to be strong evidence that something went wrong with the test.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Update: US Confirms the worst.

Doodles what they all mean

So there you are sitting at your desk and mindlessly doodling. Well whatch out for the next person at your desk for they may be able to decode your doodles and read what they mean. You don´t want your partner to know that you are really preoccupied with sex.

Why do we doodle? | The Register

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Want to learn about Linux and how to use it?

I have been asked many times why I run Linux and how to go about installing and using it. Well the why will have to wait, but, for the how, I can give you some good resources to get you going. There is Linux from Scratch which is a really in depth resource for using Linux. Then there is Linux Basics which is very good site that is beginner friendly. They are even offering a free Linux course an Introduction to Linux basics that will be starting October 19.

There is also The Linux Tutorial which has lots of tutorials of course and a large knowledge base of information. Linux Questions is a large forum of users and experts that are always there to help regardless of what distribution that you chose. Another site for help and tutorials is Linux Survival. This site is java based so you need a java capable browser such as Firefox.
If you need help deciding which distribution to use the best resource is Distrowatch. Oh, and let us not forget Google, it is a great resource for linux. Go get your self a distribution and give it a whirl. When you get your distribution have a look at this site for all the software that you will want when you are beginning your odyssey into Linux.

You will not regret the power, convenience, and ease of use in the distributions of today. You will also not have to deal with the evil DRM (digital rights management) that is so invasive in the newest offerings from Microsoft and Apple, but that is another story.

Have fun.

Dead Like Me

I really miss this show. I am glad that sci fi picked it up but still it is only repeats. It should have never been canceled by Showtime. Dead Like Me is one of the best shows in recent history of TV. An amazing show that should still be going on. Lame ass cancellation for the living.  No really, I am serious.  Lame.

The Debt

Not only do we have to deal with all the debt (monetary) that the United States has mananged to accumulate but, now we are working on the debt we owe the planet. It makes all the stupid, pitiful, monetary debts that we owe a waste of time. And you know it is most likely true. This is the debt we really need to repay first. – World Living on Ecological Debt

A completely free Browser.

I do not if you all have read about the rift between Mozilla´s Firefox and Debian about Debian patching Firefox for it´s own use and Mozilla going after them for not submitting the patches to Mozilla. Because of this Mozilla went after Debian for trademark infringement for using the Firefox name and icon. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Any way Debian has come out with their own version that is free of all Mozilla´s trademarks. Good for them and tough to Mozilla. They should just get over it, I think.

Debian plans to release its newest version, Etch, in December, and wants Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser to be part of the distribution. Mozilla, however, told Debian it couldn’t release the software without its accompanying artwork. Now a legal expert says that the existing distinctions between copyright and trademark laws should have prevented this from becoming an issue in the first place.

Iceweasel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Grub and Super Grub

When you are reading through all the forums looking for those elusive answers to all your questions that you seem to be unable to answer yourself you will always find people that are asking for help on booting windows or Linux with grub. This gets doubly troublesome when you have more than one distribution installed on you computer as I do. Well finally all you troubles are over so to speak with this little gem: Super Grub Disk . What a great tool a long time in coming. For all of you having problems with booting all those operating systems on you one computer this is your answer. Now if I can just get my sound to work properly in KDE I will be all set. | Super Grub Disk delivers easy boot record recovery