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That time of year for the Best Of…

Yes, it is that time of year when we encounter all those lists of the best of 2006. You know the best of music, movies, software and the like. Well my favorite is the Darwin Awards. A look at all your stupid mistakes that you do not survive and because they were so stupid you do not deserve to survive. Take a read at all the best mistakes that you should never make. The Darwin Awards Best (or worst of) 2006.

SabayonLinux: Giving it a try.

I downloaded the live dvd of Sabayon Linux version 3.2, x86_64 flavor, a close variation of Gentoo Linux, and giving it a go. When you boot from the DVD you have a choice installing from the DVD or you can run it as a live DVD. I ran it first as a live DVD and it looked interesting although the choice of applications is extremely limited and I was disappointed by this shortcoming. So I decided to do an install.

The installation was relatively painless with few choices to make so you pretty much let it do what it is going to do. You do get to choose between at least four desktops to install, Gnome, KDE, Fluxbox, XFCE and Enlightenment. I choose KDE. I did, however, change the grub installation since I have many distributions on my computer so it would not overwrite my grub file. This came back to haunt me. For some reason it chose to overwrite my grub file any way and I lost access to my other distributions. Unhappy Christmas for me. Not really a big deal for I just put my Fedora Core 6 DVD in and set it to Linux rescue and reinstalled grub, but something I really think should not have happened in the first place.

I have not been playing with it for long but it is missing a few or my prime use tools and programs. Like Firefox and Thunderbird and no xine or mplayer. Although you have to remember that it is based on Gentoo so you have to emerge everything you want and the takes sometime.

The default desktop is clean and attractive. However the beryl desktop manager does not seem to work properly even though there was a choice to enable desktop acceleration on installation but this seems to have failed an I will have to look into the problem in more depth. The menu set up is quite different from other distributions and will take some getting use to.

So that it was I am doing now. Hopefully I will post some more impressions on this distribution when I have time.

More Choices than you could ever want.

How about this page, 352 Linux Distributions containing all the goodness of Linux.  A picture and links to 352 distributions to all the choice you could ever want.  For those of you who can not stand choice can stick to Windows, but me,  I am sticking with an operating system that lets me do what I want, when I want, and how I want and if I do not like that particular distribution and what it has to offer I have 351 more choices.

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Sex and Physics.

Sex and physics, two of my passions and now there is The Physics of Sex. What could be better, my two favorite subjects all rolled into one. This site has a three part series on why we have sex that is a great read link1, link2 link3 or if your are to lazy to move your eyes across the page you can listen to the podcasts 1, 2, 3. While you are there you might as well read about are Sexual Rhythms and Friction and Lubrication and how do we not love these subjects. These articles also available as podcasts.

Are you serious? Sperm Cube.

I do not know whether to laugh or cry or just be disgusted.  The SpermCube is collecting one cubic metre of sperm to be frozen in a transparent cube as an art work.  I really do not know what to do with this.  I guess I will just have to get the kit and donate or I could just become a monetary donor.  Scary thought, huh?

No More fish and plenty of plastic.

According to this article by the BBC the oceans are being contaminated by micro-plastics.  Not good for small animals and invertebrates. You walk along any beach and you will see the waste we throw into our seas.  It is a travesty and a tragedy in the making.  We really need to take a good hard look at what the earth means to us and come up with a plan that will involve all peoples to change the direction we are heading.  Honestly, I think that it is unlikely until there is a global catastrophy.  And it is coming sooner than later.

Do you know this crook.

Every morning I go to this coffee shop run by some friends of mine. A great little spot here in Woods Hole. The place is Pie in the Sky. Well over the weekend they were broken into and the place was smashed up pretty good. The have some good pictures of the perpetrator that they have posted on YouTube. If you know him let me know. I need some lobster bait.

Want to know what to do?

So, you really want to know what to do? Well here is what you do. Go here and hopefully you have firefox or flock installed if you do not well bahhh. Once you are there take a look and listen to the glorious sounds for a moment and then open this site in another browser tab. Go head click a sqaure and then another. Dance around your computer some more and click another square. Fun isn´t it.? Silly isn´t it? Dance and click some more and you have everything you need to know what to do.

Thanks to web zen.