Math, Population and Energy

Here is a informative video that is actually very disturbing. It gives a sobering look into our future if we continue on the path of consumption and consumerism. In fact it may be even later than we think for us to recover from the deficits that we are running in our exploitation of natural resources. It is a long video, a little over an hour so get comfortable, a cup of tea and prepare yourself for some math and science. I really wish there were some hard answers for the questions that are brought up below but education of the problem is a good start. [googlevideo=

2 thoughts on “Math, Population and Energy

  1. Lola

    I apprechiate it. Looking very good here at, love the layout. I need to stop by more often :D. oOo you use Stuble Upon? I like that addon for Firefox.

    Stay Safe!

  2. mrdeadworry Post author

    Thank you for the encouragement. Yes I do use Stumble Upon quite a bit. I find a lot of stuff I would not normally find that way. Great addition to firefox.


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