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And So it must be So….

Posted: November 25, 2007 in Science, Social commentary

Hat tip Effective Measure.


Well some one noticed.  Check out You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice because they have noticed and are up to the challenge of telling you about.  From Apple ripping off artists to people coping handbags to fabric to websites.  If it has been copied without credit then it is here.

OK OK I could not resist this:

Posted: November 22, 2007 in Music, Video

Another film by Dust Films:

I could not resist!

Why don’t you just go away.

Posted: November 22, 2007 in fun stuff, News, Video

Presented by Dust Films and Cookie Dough Records a short YouTube video of people that should just go away:

An interesting article on AlterNet by an Native American and her view on what Thanksgiving means to an native American.

For a Native American, the story of Thanksgiving is not a very happy one. But a member of the Dineh Nation and the Yankton Dakota Sioux finds occasion for hope. An AlterNet Thanksgiving classic

So go to Alternet to read this article of importance on this day of giving thanks and remember there are those around us that have a different opinion on the meaning of Thanksgiving.


Posted: November 22, 2007 in Politicts

So you want to know what the Bush administration has any commonalities with any other fascist state or does it even have any fascist tendencies. Well this video that I have found at it has broken down the definition of what it is to be a fascist state into 14 categories for easy digestion.

Yes, nothing better on this Thanksgiving day then Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys: