Goerge Orwell and Pat Condell?

I like this guy: Pat Condell. Not afraid to say what religion is really about and the people that try to shove it down our throats thinking we need to be saved or taught how to live our lives like they do, in there own putrid ignorance and self serving nationalism. I am damn sick of their lies (yeh we all know who they are), greed and ignorance of science and truth. Yes George Orwell would be proud of our march to the future he so cleverly wrote about and tried to warn us about. Sickening and worrisome, for those of us who relish in liberty, science, education and freedom from dogma, this new world order that our fearless leaders are marching us to like the lemmings we have become.


1 thought on “Goerge Orwell and Pat Condell?

  1. lion rampant

    A right of reply. Telling people something they don’t want to hear. Brilliant. All for it.
    I wonder what George Orwell would think of the mess we are in now. He probably would be appalled but not surprised. Although he called himself a socialist many of his generation labelled him a bohemian conservative.He railed against the two totalitarianisms of his times; Fascism and Communism and also the rise of managerial capitalism. ‘1984’ was a renderingof the conditions facing Western Civilisation in 1948. Thanks, in part to him, his vision has not yet come to pass. The price of freedom is after all eternal vigilence against those who want to foist totalitarianism on us. I like to think Pat Condell is the twenty first century version of George Orwell. He is informing us of this revitalised form of totalitarianism; islam. One way of defeating and defending yourself against terror is to ‘take the piss out of it’. Mockery teaches people not to take themselves too seriously. Keep up the good work Pat.


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