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Yes, nothing better on this Thanksgiving day then Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys:


Here is some videos submitted to the Fedora Project all released under the creative commons license demonstrating freedom in software, video, writing, politics, and fun all in thirty seconds or less. I especially like the A Culture of Fear and Free Machinima. If free software, free speech and freedom in general is important to you then I would have a gander at them all. Enjoy.

Science + Art = Amazement

Posted: April 5, 2007 in Art, Science

I am always amazed when art and science meet. Something that is, well for the lack of a better term, magical. This is the case with ferrofluids and artists when they come together. Morpho Towers is a site were the two of these mixtures come together and make magic. Watch the movie and be amazed.


Amy Sol

Posted: April 1, 2007 in Art

Here is an amazing artist, Amy Sol (warning flash enabled) that I have discovered through Boing Boing. Unfortunately I missed here show in New York city but if you are in the Los Angeles area from May 11 through June 1st 2007 you can see her art at the Thinkspace Art Gallery.