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WordPress sidebar for Firefox

Finally a add on to Firefox made especially for WordPress blogs.  WordPress sidebar add on for Firefox. Opens up in a sidebar or opens up in a new window and logs you into to your blog or blogs to allowing you to post to your WordPress blogs.  It seems to have found all the information to log-in on its own with no required setup by me. The sidebar has Stats, Post, Bookmark, log-in and log-out tabs for access you WordPress blog. However it does seem to disable the right click of the mouse to be able to cut and paste, the editing functions a very primitive as well. It seems Firefox wants to spell check the post but with no right click you are not able to fix the spelling. There is a separate text box for spell checking but without cut and paste I can not see how that would be of any help, however you can you cut and past under the edit drop down menu. It is possible that no-script is prevent the functions from working properly so this will have to be further investigated.
It is nice to finally have a way of accessing a WordPress blog from Firefox even though the editing functions are somewhat crude it still has some good functionality for accessing a WordPress blog. Give it a try.

Old time Analog computing.

Thanks to I found this well animated video:

I wish I could print out a piece of pizza and get a cup of coffee from my computer. Of course they do have edible inks so you can print out what you want to eat on paper. Or you can check out Moto Restaurant if you are in the Chicago area.

Not the same as printing out a piece of pizza though is it?

Update: It appears to be an advertisement for The First Post but still worth a look.

Kiss My Ass

Hey this is for all the hard working waitpersons out there. I know a few of them so this site is for you. Check it if you are in a service type business. I love reading about all the asses out there. Yes, people are stupid for the most part. Especially around my neck of the woods. I live on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA so I know all about those tourist folk that are rude and extremely self sentered. As the bumper sticker says: “It is tourist season, why can’t we shoot them.”
kiss my bitter ass