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Flash Player 9 beta for Linux is here.

It is about time someone got there act together and released this for linux. I am stuck with flash player 7 in only a 32 bit browser no 64 bit support. I still cannot see any support mentioned for a 64 bit Linux operating system but it is a start. So go get it what are you still doing here.

Adobe Labs – Flash Player 9 Update

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Old time Analog computing.

Thanks to I found this well animated video:

I wish I could print out a piece of pizza and get a cup of coffee from my computer. Of course they do have edible inks so you can print out what you want to eat on paper. Or you can check out Moto Restaurant if you are in the Chicago area.

Not the same as printing out a piece of pizza though is it?

Update: It appears to be an advertisement for The First Post but still worth a look.

Grub and Super Grub

When you are reading through all the forums looking for those elusive answers to all your questions that you seem to be unable to answer yourself you will always find people that are asking for help on booting windows or Linux with grub. This gets doubly troublesome when you have more than one distribution installed on you computer as I do. Well finally all you troubles are over so to speak with this little gem: Super Grub Disk . What a great tool a long time in coming. For all of you having problems with booting all those operating systems on you one computer this is your answer. Now if I can just get my sound to work properly in KDE I will be all set. | Super Grub Disk delivers easy boot record recovery

Virus and Spam the How and Why.

I have a lot of friends that ask me
about what to do with all the spam, Trojans, and viruses. I have
found a few current articles that I think that people should read.
It will answer many questions about the aforementioned.

If you read about you recent statistics
on virus and spam infections will understand how much of a problem
this is. And all this leads to bot
that take control of multiple computers to send out spam.
There is a good article
at the Washington Post
about what gets done with bot nets. Over at Linux-Watch
is a good article about why one should not use Windows or at least be
vary cautious about using it.

There are some things that you can do
about this and there are people
that are working on getting rid of ‘Command and Control’ servers
that control all these bot nets. Again at the Washington Post there
is another
about what you can do about protecting yourself from
these threats.

How about a backdoor in your router?

Could Your VoIP Phone Be Tapped? And other types of routers and modems. Like we do not have enough trouble keeping Crackers out of are system but we are going to be asked to let the Government in any time that they want. I do not think so. And how long before all the crackers get a hold of the back door information and use it against us? Pretty quick I would imagine.