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I lost my domain name?!

So you have taken the time to creatively come up with a clever domain name for your site.  Next step you take the time to register your domain name or names.  After you register them you have to remember when the expire and when to renew so those evil domain squatters don’t steal you hard fought domain name.  Well The Linux Gazette has a great article on how to prevent domain squatters from taking your domain and how to track when your domain registration expires including the domain-check Perl script to do the tracking for you.  Well worth the read to keep your domain name.

WordPress sidebar for Firefox

Finally a add on to Firefox made especially for WordPress blogs.  WordPress sidebar add on for Firefox. Opens up in a sidebar or opens up in a new window and logs you into to your blog or blogs to allowing you to post to your WordPress blogs.  It seems to have found all the information to log-in on its own with no required setup by me. The sidebar has Stats, Post, Bookmark, log-in and log-out tabs for access you WordPress blog. However it does seem to disable the right click of the mouse to be able to cut and paste, the editing functions a very primitive as well. It seems Firefox wants to spell check the post but with no right click you are not able to fix the spelling. There is a separate text box for spell checking but without cut and paste I can not see how that would be of any help, however you can you cut and past under the edit drop down menu. It is possible that no-script is prevent the functions from working properly so this will have to be further investigated.
It is nice to finally have a way of accessing a WordPress blog from Firefox even though the editing functions are somewhat crude it still has some good functionality for accessing a WordPress blog. Give it a try.

Flash Player 9 beta for Linux is here.

It is about time someone got there act together and released this for linux. I am stuck with flash player 7 in only a 32 bit browser no 64 bit support. I still cannot see any support mentioned for a 64 bit Linux operating system but it is a start. So go get it what are you still doing here.

Adobe Labs – Flash Player 9 Update

powered by performancing firefox

Swifter Fox: Swiftfox 64 Bit

Well folks some people got together and put out a great 64 bit version of Firefox on Linux for those of us that use it. Swiftfox is distribution independent so it does not matter what 64 bit distibution that you use you can still get 64 bit goodness and speed. All your Firefox extensions will work just fine so download Swiftfox and go. On Fedora Core 5 it seems much more stable then the Firefox that comes with the distrubution.  It also works better with nspluginwrapper for allowing 32 bit plugins to work on a 64 bit browser.  So what are you waiting for go give it a try.

The People at have released a New Version

The makers of Flock have released an update to their browser that upon a quick inspection seems to be much improved. It is based on the Firefox browser, but has all kinds of enhancements just for bloggers. Next to Firefox it is on of my favorite browsers.

They have made it much easier to set up and post to your blog and they have made it easier to edit the source with a tab for editor or source. Pretty handy. You can save stuff before you post. It shows all your categories and tags all in a full screen window or tab. You can drag and drop photos with ease as well as links to pages all in what they call a shelf.

You can also, as with the old version, publish your favorites online with dilicious or Shadows.

If you have not tried Flock yet I strongly recommend giving Flock a chance.

If you have the earlier version of flock you must rename or delete your personal flock config file. In Linux this would be in /home/usrname/.flock file. In Windows you will have to find it on your own, sorry.

Another cool feature I found was that when you are commenting on a blog you can right click on the comment box you can and check your spelling. I am really liking this. Now to find out if I can install some extensions for the new version.

Virus and Spam the How and Why.

I have a lot of friends that ask me
about what to do with all the spam, Trojans, and viruses. I have
found a few current articles that I think that people should read.
It will answer many questions about the aforementioned.

If you read about you recent statistics
on virus and spam infections will understand how much of a problem
this is. And all this leads to bot
that take control of multiple computers to send out spam.
There is a good article
at the Washington Post
about what gets done with bot nets. Over at Linux-Watch
is a good article about why one should not use Windows or at least be
vary cautious about using it.

There are some things that you can do
about this and there are people
that are working on getting rid of ‘Command and Control’ servers
that control all these bot nets. Again at the Washington Post there
is another
about what you can do about protecting yourself from
these threats.

Firefox and why you need it.

This article pretty much says it all. I have used most of the browsers out there and I have to say I like Firefox the best. I have been using Opera of late (never did get it to work with Ubuntu though) but I have to say that I really miss all the extensions. The extensions are what make Firefox an exceptional browser. Although, I did find this page on blocking ads in Opera. It seems much more coplicated than using adblock in Firefox. I like Opera but it just not have all the fun stuff that Firefox.
Seven Ways To Solve Firefox Memory Headaches Or more infomation about firefox’s memory leaks can be found here.

And while you are at it check out Seven Ways to Solve Firefox’s Memory Leaks 

How about a backdoor in your router?

Could Your VoIP Phone Be Tapped? And other types of routers and modems. Like we do not have enough trouble keeping Crackers out of are system but we are going to be asked to let the Government in any time that they want. I do not think so. And how long before all the crackers get a hold of the back door information and use it against us? Pretty quick I would imagine.

I wish I was in Amyville

Welcome to Amyville I discovered this site the other day and for some reason I just can not stop watching. Great snippets of a persons bizarre inner life in a video blog with some great music mixes. I just can not stop watching it, wait the last video just stopped hold on, got to get another one. Ahhh, all better, just go and watch and understand. And while you are there don’t forget to checkout The Super Secret Dance Society.

Some to check out are possessed and bubbles of light. Just go. Now!

P.S. They are from my neck of the woods. Massachusetts.

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Back up and restore data in Outlook 2002

A friend of mine as trying to migrate his Outlook 2002 emails and contacts over to his new laptop and had called me in to help. Unfortunately it has been years since I have worked with Microsoft products so I was not able to help him in time for his business trip, however today I managed to track down the way to do it on the Microsoft web site. So here it is below so no one else has to go searching for it. I also published it to

And while I am at it here is the link for backing up outlook express.

My personal page at delicious is here.

How to back up, to restore, or to move Outlook 2002 data in Outlook 2002

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Windblows and IE

You really should not check out the links on this page if you are using XP and IE ´cause it will hose system and then some.  If you do not want to read the article below and you just want to go ahead and hose your WinXP box then click this link. You have been warned it will completely hose you system.  If you use Firefox and Linux have a gander and be proud because you will be safe.  Lobby4Linux – weBLog

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