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Everything is Simple, Right

Here is a good article about the the simplicities of Linux and the common user (cu) over at Polish Linux.

“Linux is simply the best. Open, free of charge, stable, reliable, flexible, and scalable. And God only knows why people do not want to use it. They grumble that it’s difficult, shows hardware problems, and lacks applications. We reply it’s totally untrue – the system is straightforward, similar hardware problems can be found in Windows as well, and there’s an abundance of applications.”

Fedora 7 is the distribution You want!


Well with not a lot to do this weekend I thought it would be a good time to take the plunge and install the next installment of my favorite distribution: Fedora 7 x86_64. There have been some good changes with the distribution since the installation went without a hitch. Well, except for a couple of mistakes that I made but that is my own damn fault isn’t it. The installation went of with out a hitch but the one complaint I would make is the anaconda (the Fedora installer) still does not install to grub my other Linux installations unlike Ubuntu which sees them and installs a grub entry for them. It has no problem recognizing my Windows installation, however.

Other than the above the installation was a breeze. I choose the development portions to add to the default installation and KDE desktop since that is the desktop I use. Forty-five minutes later I had Fedora 7 up and running. All my peripherals were working fine, printer, scanner and internet connection. With the addition of a non standard software repository, I had installed all my codecs with the inclusion of nspluginwrapper to handle 32 bit plug ins on Firefox compiled for a 64 bit system. I also installed the nvidia proprietary drivers from livna which comes with livna display configuration which makes setting up and running Beryl a breeze.

I have read plenty of problems with this incarnation of Fedora on the Fedora mailing list but personally I think the problems lie not with Fedora but with poor vendor support (hardware) and mistakes by those installing Fedora 7. I whole heartedly recommend that you give it a try. It is a well polished distribution that a lot of people have put a whole lot of work into and it shows in the final result. Well onto installing WordPress, Apache and MYSQL for my own consumption and tinkering.

SabayonLinux: Giving it a try.

I downloaded the live dvd of Sabayon Linux version 3.2, x86_64 flavor, a close variation of Gentoo Linux, and giving it a go. When you boot from the DVD you have a choice installing from the DVD or you can run it as a live DVD. I ran it first as a live DVD and it looked interesting although the choice of applications is extremely limited and I was disappointed by this shortcoming. So I decided to do an install.

The installation was relatively painless with few choices to make so you pretty much let it do what it is going to do. You do get to choose between at least four desktops to install, Gnome, KDE, Fluxbox, XFCE and Enlightenment. I choose KDE. I did, however, change the grub installation since I have many distributions on my computer so it would not overwrite my grub file. This came back to haunt me. For some reason it chose to overwrite my grub file any way and I lost access to my other distributions. Unhappy Christmas for me. Not really a big deal for I just put my Fedora Core 6 DVD in and set it to Linux rescue and reinstalled grub, but something I really think should not have happened in the first place.

I have not been playing with it for long but it is missing a few or my prime use tools and programs. Like Firefox and Thunderbird and no xine or mplayer. Although you have to remember that it is based on Gentoo so you have to emerge everything you want and the takes sometime.

The default desktop is clean and attractive. However the beryl desktop manager does not seem to work properly even though there was a choice to enable desktop acceleration on installation but this seems to have failed an I will have to look into the problem in more depth. The menu set up is quite different from other distributions and will take some getting use to.

So that it was I am doing now. Hopefully I will post some more impressions on this distribution when I have time.

My main distribution Fedora has released Core 6

Yes Fedora Core has released Core 6 for general consumption. I have tried their release candidates coming up to this release with mixed results. Hopefully they have managed to get most of the bugs out of it because I am about the take the plunge head first. Get your copies while you can. I will have my torrent running full speed.
I have to say the final product looks really good so far. I will let you know more in the coming days.

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Update: 10000 fedora downloads in 5 hours.

Want to learn about Linux and how to use it?

I have been asked many times why I run Linux and how to go about installing and using it. Well the why will have to wait, but, for the how, I can give you some good resources to get you going. There is Linux from Scratch which is a really in depth resource for using Linux. Then there is Linux Basics which is very good site that is beginner friendly. They are even offering a free Linux course an Introduction to Linux basics that will be starting October 19.

There is also The Linux Tutorial which has lots of tutorials of course and a large knowledge base of information. Linux Questions is a large forum of users and experts that are always there to help regardless of what distribution that you chose. Another site for help and tutorials is Linux Survival. This site is java based so you need a java capable browser such as Firefox.
If you need help deciding which distribution to use the best resource is Distrowatch. Oh, and let us not forget Google, it is a great resource for linux. Go get your self a distribution and give it a whirl. When you get your distribution have a look at this site for all the software that you will want when you are beginning your odyssey into Linux.

You will not regret the power, convenience, and ease of use in the distributions of today. You will also not have to deal with the evil DRM (digital rights management) that is so invasive in the newest offerings from Microsoft and Apple, but that is another story.

Have fun.

A completely free Browser.

I do not if you all have read about the rift between Mozilla´s Firefox and Debian about Debian patching Firefox for it´s own use and Mozilla going after them for not submitting the patches to Mozilla. Because of this Mozilla went after Debian for trademark infringement for using the Firefox name and icon. Pretty stupid if you ask me. Any way Debian has come out with their own version that is free of all Mozilla´s trademarks. Good for them and tough to Mozilla. They should just get over it, I think.

Debian plans to release its newest version, Etch, in December, and wants Mozilla’s Firefox Web browser to be part of the distribution. Mozilla, however, told Debian it couldn’t release the software without its accompanying artwork. Now a legal expert says that the existing distinctions between copyright and trademark laws should have prevented this from becoming an issue in the first place.

Iceweasel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Grub and Super Grub

When you are reading through all the forums looking for those elusive answers to all your questions that you seem to be unable to answer yourself you will always find people that are asking for help on booting windows or Linux with grub. This gets doubly troublesome when you have more than one distribution installed on you computer as I do. Well finally all you troubles are over so to speak with this little gem: Super Grub Disk . What a great tool a long time in coming. For all of you having problems with booting all those operating systems on you one computer this is your answer. Now if I can just get my sound to work properly in KDE I will be all set. | Super Grub Disk delivers easy boot record recovery

Mounting Windows Partitions in Linux

Here is a straightforward way for you to mount windows partitions in linux. However with fedora core 4 they have added fstab_sync and I myself am not sure how this effects your editing of the fstab file and making changes permenent. If any one has something to add about that please do. I will continue to look for more information on it and experiment.

Mounting Windows partitions