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Posted: April 5, 2008 in Linux, Linux General

I really can not wait for KDE4 and all its improvements. Check this video out from Francis Giannaros about the upcoming KDE4. He has many other examples on his site of KDE4 so have a gander.  Hat tip to /home/liguidat.

Here is a interesting video comparing Windows Vista Aero to Ubuntu and Beryl. Of course you can run any Linux distribution and Aero well … just Microsoft’s Windows Vista.

WINDOWS VISTA (AERO) VS LINUX UBUNTU (BERYL)The most amazing videos are a click away

So you have taken the time to creatively come up with a clever domain name for your site.  Next step you take the time to register your domain name or names.  After you register them you have to remember when the expire and when to renew so those evil domain squatters don’t steal you hard fought domain name.  Well The Linux Gazette has a great article on how to prevent domain squatters from taking your domain and how to track when your domain registration expires including the domain-check Perl script to do the tracking for you.  Well worth the read to keep your domain name.

Fedora 7 Review

Posted: August 9, 2007 in Linux, Linux Distributions

Here is a thorough review of my distribution of choice Fedora 7 by LinuxLinks News:

If you’re a Fedora user the end of May means one thing…time for a new release! This year was no different as the Fedora project continued its aggressive six month release schedule. Fedora 7, code named “Moonshine”, is the latest version of the Red Hat influenced Linux distribution. Fedora regulars will note the absence of the word “Core” in the new name. This isn’t the only change with this release. We’ll delve into what’s new in 7 as well as review Fedora from a desktop standpoint.

Definitely worth the read.

Here is a good article about the the simplicities of Linux and the common user (cu) over at Polish Linux.

“Linux is simply the best. Open, free of charge, stable, reliable, flexible, and scalable. And God only knows why people do not want to use it. They grumble that it’s difficult, shows hardware problems, and lacks applications. We reply it’s totally untrue – the system is straightforward, similar hardware problems can be found in Windows as well, and there’s an abundance of applications.”