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Go Get ’em and Give ’em Hell

Here is a great rant about all those useless gadgets and consumer electronic DRM (Digital Rights Management) laden crap that people think they need. It is finally good to read someone give all the idiots their do. Thanks Joel Johnson for telling it strait out.

” Consumer electronics are a joke. It’s everyone’s fault but mine. You assholes.

These guys want me to write a weekly column, but I hate consumer electronics. I hate marketing, and people, because you’re all so dumb. If your lucky and I need the money. I will…

And you guys ate it up. Kept buying shitty phones and broken media devices green and dripping with DRM… …to read the latest announcements of the most trivial jerk-off products, completely ignoring the stories about technology actually making a difference to real human beings…”

A must read at Gizmodo.

Reading books by email

This site is great for those of us that are on the go and want to read a book. You can get parts of the book emailed to you for consumption on your own terms. You can set the delivery time and date and it will show up in your in-box. Genius. They have a good selection especially of classics.

DailyLit: Read books by email.

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Ashes and Snow

Thanks to Treehugger a website dedicated to the green life and Inhabitat which is a site dedicated to “future foward design for the world you inhabit” I was drawn to ashes and snow. There are some truely amazing photographs to be seen. Or if you get to see the traveling museum called of all things Nomadic Museum. The museum is built with 152 shipping containers.

You really should visit the Portifolio link and check out the photographs.  Some of them are so amazing they take my breath away.  The peace, harmony, and innocence you see in them.  Truly unreal.

I wish I was in Amyville

Welcome to Amyville I discovered this site the other day and for some reason I just can not stop watching. Great snippets of a persons bizarre inner life in a video blog with some great music mixes. I just can not stop watching it, wait the last video just stopped hold on, got to get another one. Ahhh, all better, just go and watch and understand. And while you are there don’t forget to checkout The Super Secret Dance Society.

Some to check out are possessed and bubbles of light. Just go. Now!

P.S. They are from my neck of the woods. Massachusetts.

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The Draconian RIAA and MPAA

It is almost insane what these to body´s want to do to technology. Just take a look at the broadcast flag draft legislation. It is bad enough that these fools control so much of what you are to see and here now that want to take control of what you invent and how you use your own hardware. Stop the Bastards now! Also check out the article here at Public Knowledge and another article at the EFF.
Big Content would like to outlaw things no one has even thought of yet

Mounting Windows Partitions in Linux

Here is a straightforward way for you to mount windows partitions in linux. However with fedora core 4 they have added fstab_sync and I myself am not sure how this effects your editing of the fstab file and making changes permenent. If any one has something to add about that please do. I will continue to look for more information on it and experiment.

Mounting Windows partitions

Top Ten predictions for the coming year from

Here is a funny and yet pretty true to fact list of possibilities for the upcoming year such as George W. Bush will come under fire for editing his Wikipedia biography. Of course that is assuming that George W. Bush even knows what Wikipedia is. Some how I doubt he does. Any way back to the topic at hand. A amusing list none the less.

Back up and restore data in Outlook 2002

A friend of mine as trying to migrate his Outlook 2002 emails and contacts over to his new laptop and had called me in to help. Unfortunately it has been years since I have worked with Microsoft products so I was not able to help him in time for his business trip, however today I managed to track down the way to do it on the Microsoft web site. So here it is below so no one else has to go searching for it. I also published it to

And while I am at it here is the link for backing up outlook express.

My personal page at delicious is here.

How to back up, to restore, or to move Outlook 2002 data in Outlook 2002

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