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OK OK I could not resist this:

Posted: November 22, 2007 in Music, Video

Another film by Dust Films:

I could not resist!


Yes, nothing better on this Thanksgiving day then Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys:

RIAA boycott for March

Posted: February 24, 2007 in Music, Social commentary, Tech News

Gizmodo is trying to put together a boycott of the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). I suggest you go over and read the why and how they are setting this up. A little excerpt below:

“Alright, we’ve been following the RIAA’s increasingly frequent affronts to privacy and free speech lately, and it’s about time we stopped merely bitching and moaning and did something about it. The RIAA has the power to shift public policy and to alter the direction of technology and the Internet for one reason and one reason alone: it’s totally loaded. Without their millions of dollars to throw at lawyers, the RIAA is toothless. They get their money from us, the consumers, and if we don’t like the way they’re behaving, we can let them know with our wallets.”

Here is the direct link.