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Kurt Vonnegut Passes on.

A sad day today is. One of my favorite writers has passed on yesterday. Kurt Vonnegut, author of such books as Slaughterhouse-five and Galapagos. The New York Times has a good write up in their book section.

“Do people still know that they are going to die sooner or later? No. Fortunately, in my humble opinion, they have forgotten that.”

Kurt Vonnegut, Galapagos

Well, we remember death today. A sad day indeed.  So it goes.

Toxic Pet food Contaminated with Melamine

The recent poisoning of pets here in the US from their food seems to have been caused by melamine a man made plastic. Researchers at Cornell have found the plastic in the urine of cats and the kidney of one cat. This find is also inclusive of the find of aminopterin found in samples of the pet food responsible.

ScienceDaily: Cornell Details Effect Of Pet Food Contaminant, Melamine

More on the recall here. And here is the list of recalled pet foods.

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Math, Population and Energy

Here is a informative video that is actually very disturbing. It gives a sobering look into our future if we continue on the path of consumption and consumerism. In fact it may be even later than we think for us to recover from the deficits that we are running in our exploitation of natural resources. It is a long video, a little over an hour so get comfortable, a cup of tea and prepare yourself for some math and science. I really wish there were some hard answers for the questions that are brought up below but education of the problem is a good start. [googlevideo=

No More fish and plenty of plastic.

According to this article by the BBC the oceans are being contaminated by micro-plastics.  Not good for small animals and invertebrates. You walk along any beach and you will see the waste we throw into our seas.  It is a travesty and a tragedy in the making.  We really need to take a good hard look at what the earth means to us and come up with a plan that will involve all peoples to change the direction we are heading.  Honestly, I think that it is unlikely until there is a global catastrophy.  And it is coming sooner than later.

Do you know this crook.

Every morning I go to this coffee shop run by some friends of mine. A great little spot here in Woods Hole. The place is Pie in the Sky. Well over the weekend they were broken into and the place was smashed up pretty good. The have some good pictures of the perpetrator that they have posted on YouTube. If you know him let me know. I need some lobster bait.

Man Hides under girls bed.

How about this man that hid under a twelve year old girls bed for three months while having sexual relations the girl. This has to be one of the most atrocious things I have read about in quite some time. Another question to be raised is how come the parents did not know this was going on. Maybe they should pay attention to their kids a little more. Just wrong in so many ways.
The Sun On line – News: Paedo hid under girl’s bed

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Whaling to begin again in Iceland, you know, because they kill fish.

Apparently the whales are eating all the fish so Iceland is going to allow their fishermen to start whaling again. Even though there is no market for the meat. I was a commercial fishermen during my college years and have witnessed the slaughter that happens to the fish stocks.  The whales have nothing to do with the declining fish stocks.  Exploitation and greed is the name of the game. Forget about the science and go after the nearest scape goat like blaming seals for declining cod fish stocks. It is not our fault. It has nothing to do with overfishing. It really is amazing how people will not stand up and say it is our problem and we need to deal with it in a scientific manner with a meaningful plan to control and manage the fishing industry world wide. Blaming whales and seals for our troubles is not the answer.

So did North Korea really detonate the bomb

I have been reading about the whole North Korean bomb detonation and there seems to be a lot of evidence to suggest that they may have tried to detonate a nuclear device but they were unsuccessful.

According to Highly Allochonous there was not enough seismic activity to justify a bomb of enough yield. There was definitely an explosion and a large one at that but it might not be one of nuclear origin. CNN has two articles here and here that seem to conclude the same. The second CNN article seems to say that it may just all be for show which is a strong possibility.

Nature has break down of the event and also what it all could mean. Link. They contemplate what the North Koreans could do with this device. Here is the USGS report on the seismic readings so you can decide for yourself on the yield of the device.

The New Times is reporting that an air sample was taken by the US Air Force from neutral air space and there seems to be evidence of radio active substances that would be consistent with an nuclear device being exploded. However, in the same article they say that it was a ¨sub-kiloton¨ explosion which is far smaller than a novice bomb maker would make. So there seems to be strong evidence that something went wrong with the test.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

Update: US Confirms the worst.

The Debt

Not only do we have to deal with all the debt (monetary) that the United States has mananged to accumulate but, now we are working on the debt we owe the planet. It makes all the stupid, pitiful, monetary debts that we owe a waste of time. And you know it is most likely true. This is the debt we really need to repay first. – World Living on Ecological Debt

More Beaches

Here is a local website that a friend of mine writes for and is the photographer for here on Cape Cod. It is called It has links to local beach cams and all kinds of information on rentals and stuff to do. You can even submit your own articles about Cape Cod if you want to. One of the more informative sites on Cape Cod around check them out. And do not forget about the fishing.