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Toxic Pet food Contaminated with Melamine

The recent poisoning of pets here in the US from their food seems to have been caused by melamine a man made plastic. Researchers at Cornell have found the plastic in the urine of cats and the kidney of one cat. This find is also inclusive of the find of aminopterin found in samples of the pet food responsible.

ScienceDaily: Cornell Details Effect Of Pet Food Contaminant, Melamine

More on the recall here. And here is the list of recalled pet foods.

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The Universe of Scale

Nikon has this cool flash animation that relates scales to one another from the very large scale, the universe to the infinitesimally small.  So take a  gander over at Nikon if you always wanted to know about the true scale of the world and universe around you. Link.

Older, Wiser and a more Positive Outlook

I have made it to another decade today (yes it is my birthday today) and I am sitting here reading Science Daily, exciting isn’t it but, on a positive note I did find out that getting older gives you a more positive outlook on life.  Those of us that are older have a better balanced way of looking at the environment around them than those that are in the range of  18-25.  Needless to say I am not in that category.  At least I have  a  positive outlook on all the aches and pains from all the damage I have inflicted on myself in my younger years.  Heres to getting older and more upbeat.